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Religion 200: Religion and the Human Exerience

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FINAL PROJECT: Choose a natural symbol (FIRE) and find out how the symbol has been used in secular and religious contexts.

Welcome to my presentation on FIRE, which is used as a symbol in many ways. In this website you'll be able to see the different ways in which fire can be represented in all aspects of life, focusing on literature, art, rituals and daily living; with a special focus on the symbol of fire in religion.
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firea·ble adj.
firer n.

Word History: Primitive Indo-European had pairs of words for some very common things, such as water or fire. Typically, one word in the pair was active, animate, and personified; the other, impersonal and neuter in grammatical gender. In the case of the pair of words for “fire,” English has descendants of both, one inherited directly from Germanic, the other borrowed from Latin. Our word fire goes back to the neuter member of the pair. In Old English “fire” was fr, from Germanic *fr. The Indo-European form behind *fr is *pr, whence also the Greek neuter noun pr, the source of the prefix pyro-. The other Indo-European word for fire appears in ignite, which is derived from the Latin word for fire, ignis, from Indo-European *egnis. The Russian word for fire, ogon' (stem form ogn-), and the Sanskrit agni-, “fire” (deified as Agni, the god of fire), also come from *egnis, the active, animate, and personified word for fire.

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A rapid, persistent chemical change that releases heat and light and is accompanied by flame, especially the exothermic oxidation of a combustible substance. (

Hey Classmates!
It's been fun interacting with you all this summer!
Best of luck to you this upcoming year! I've learned
a lot from all of your posts as well as the readings.
Enjoy my "presentation" on the symbol of FIRE :-)
~ Kate O'Looney


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