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Religion 200: Religion and the Human Exerience
Symbols of FIRE in Art

"Education is not the filling of a pail, but the lighting of a fire"

~ William Butler Yeats


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Below are examples of FIRE being represented through art:

Flower Vase
This vase was sculpted with the use of a fire torch. Many artists use fire to create their art work.

A student's representation of a flame through art

Here fire is used with a dragon in a "fantasy world" painting


Art, in its broadest meaning, is the expression of creativity or imagination, or both.

Throughout the written history of mankind, various constrictions have been applied to the broad concept. Most individuals know what they consider to be art, and what they believe is not art. Additionally, groups, such as academia, have a vaguely shared notion of what is, or is not, art.


Many artist use fire to create an image that they see ideal.  The use of fire used in art ranges from painting a picture to using fire to create a glossy-look vase or to melt a piece of material and form it into a particular shape. Many artists use fire for symbolism representing the divinity, having fire be a villian, or having fire be beautiful.

"It is intimate and it is universal. It lives in our heart. It lives in the sky. It rises from the depths of the substance and offers itself with the warmth of love. Or it can go back down into the substance and hide there, latent and pent-up, like hate and vengeance." - Bachelard

Kate O'Looney
Religion 200-01
Professor Schearing

Gonzaga University
Summer Session #2